Assembly Bill (AB) 361, signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 16, 2021, amends California’s Ralph M. Brown Act to allow virtual board meetings during a state of emergency. AB 361 goes into effect immediately and amends Section 54953 of the Brown Act to allow virtual board meetings through January 1, 2024. For a summary of AB 361, please click here.

All Commission-related meetings will remain virtual via WebEx until further notice. For a schedule meetings, please click here. For inquiries or to make public comment, please email the Commission office at hivcomm@lachiv.org or call at 213.738.2816.



Welcome to the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV website. We’re delighted that you have taken some time to find out more about the Commission, its activities, and, most importantly, about the services that Los Angeles County provides for people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS.

The Commission reflects the thoughts, views and actions of approximately 50 dedicated individuals who represent different Los Angeles County communities, people with HIV, providers serving them, public health interests and other perspectives impacted by this devastating epidemic. Because it is the primary community advisory mechanism on HIV-related matters to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Commissioners are appointed by the Board and originate from all sectors, geographies and populations of the County.

The Commission fulfills its responsibilities in the most accessible and accountable fashion possible. Commission members and staff are committed to intense deliberations, hard work, respectful dialogue, due diligence, transparency, honesty, openness and thorough representation and involvement of and by varied community concerns. Those values, we believe, will yield the best decisions in the interests of PLWH/A, and the community stakeholders who serve them.

We invite you to review and explore the website and Commission materials further, and to contact us if you have any questions or to get further involved. Click the links below and they will take you to more detailed descriptions of the Commission, its mission serving people with HIV/AIDS, and its ongoing efforts. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us, either through this website or by calling 213.738.2816.

Click here to download the Los Angeles County HIV/AIDS Strategy for 2020 and Beyond   or visit the website at https://www.lacounty.hiv/                                                                                 

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