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       510 S. Vermont Avenue, 14th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90020


Commission email address: hivcomm@lachiv.org
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We can also be reached at:
Main Number: 213.738.2816
Facsimile: 213.637.4748

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Commission office hours:
Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


About Us

The Los Angeles County Commission on HIV (COH) serves as the local planning council for the planning, allocation, coordination and delivery of HIV/AIDS services. The COH is composed of 51 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors and represent a broad and diverse group of providers, consumers, and stakeholders. 33% of the membership are HIV+ individuals who are consumers of the federally funded Ryan White Program.

As an integrated planning body for HIV prevention and care services in Los Angeles County, through its five standing committees (Executive, Operations, Planning, Priorities & Allocations (PP&A), Public Policy, and Standards & Best Practices (SBP), the COH is responsible for:

  • Setting care/treatment priorities/allocations,
  • Developing a comprehensive care plan,
  • Assessing the administrative mechanism of service delivery,
  • Evaluating service system effectiveness,
  • Service coordination,
  • Annual needs assessments,
  • Setting minimum service standards/outcomes,
  • Defining ways to best meet the needs,
  • Resolving service system grievances,
  • Promoting the availability of services,
  • Evaluating other streams of funding,
  • Advising the Board on all County HIV funding,
  • Policy development and advocacy work, and
  • Advising the Board on other HIV-related matters.

In 2016 in Los Angeles County, approximately 60,946 people are living with HIV/AIDS; of those 8,654 are not aware of their status. This disease continues to be a serious health epidemic necessitating continued local, state and federal legislation, policies, planning and service delivery efforts.

The COH meets on every second Thursday of the month from 9am to approximate 1pm at St. Anne’s Maternity Home in Los Angeles (155 North Occidental Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026). In addition, there are committees, caucuses and task forces that allow for members to actively engage in projects and decision-making.    

Who We Are


Cheryl Barrit
Executive Director
(213) 639-6714
Dawn McClendon
Assistant Director
(213) 639-6716
Jose Rangel-Garibay
Health Programs Analyst
(213) 308-9987
Yeghishe "Josh" Nazinyan
(213) 639-6711
Carolyn Echols-Watson
Staff Analyst
(213) 639-6788
Sonja Wright
Senior Board Specialist
(213) 639-6713